Project:100 is my way of giving myself an assignment, like when I was in school, to force myself to take more and better photographs. I have been thinking of ways to take more photographs, I considered a photo-a-day project, or a photo-a-week project, but I wanted something with both a little more flexibility in the timeline and more structure for the subject, so Project:100 was born.

I love photography and I love capturing a bit of who someone is through my lens. By challenging myself to take 100 portraits, I will increase my skill, and practice my craft. An assignment for myself provides some structure and a benchmark to measure against. Each portrait will be posted by number so I can keep track of how many I have completed and how many I have yet to complete. I don’t have a set completion date for Project:100, only the number of portraits included. My mind is already buzzing with ideas for other projects. I love how being creative and starting projects, sparks more creativity and ideas.

My rules:
My children don’t count as subjects for Project:100
                   (I already take 100s of pictures of them and need to broaden myself)
Each person I photograph can only count as one entry in Project:100
Enjoy the process, don’t get bogged down in the numbers.
*Hopefully, meet new people and have fun*