Pixels and Company iNSD Creative Team Bloghop

Welcome to the iNSD bloghop from the Creative Team at Pixels & Company!

I hope you’ll hop through all the blogs and see their favorite products, and pick up your code to get this huge pack of journaling cards for free!

Click here to pick them up in the store. But remember, if you want them free, hop along the CT blogs and collect (in order) the coupon code. Enter that at checkout and voila! free kit.

Here are 4 of my favorite products from the designers at Pixels and Company:


I didn’t pick any full kits, because these are go to items that match with other kits I may be using on a layout. Confession time, I may or may not have a slightly irrational fear of items falling off my digital page. So stitches are my friend and help keep everything where it’s supposed to be. I love shadow styles and have 3 or 4 sets, but the ones I keep coming back to and use over and over are the ones from Gennifer Bursett. The other two kits are perfect for adding that finishing touch on a layout,the frames work on almost any layout and the tags are just the right size to add a date or shore description for a photo or event.

Now what you’re really here for, here is the first letter in the coupon code:


Now hop over to Kat and see her faves and pick up your next letter. Remember, collect all the letters in order to create a phrase. That phrase is your coupon code. Enter it in the box at checkout.

If you get lost, you can get all the details over on the P&Co blog and here is a complete list of the participants:

Sarah Hemmert <<-You are here and your letter is P
Katherine Hansen
Mandi Buchanan
Kate Christensen
Rachel Alles
Anna Drozd
Jan Fortier
Carey Bridges
Emilie Stevenson
Ronnie Crowley
Amy Kingsford
Jennifer Hignite
Celeste Smith
Melanie Ritchie
Aria Andrus
Jennifer Evangelista
Linda Roos
Christy Carlson
Barbara Unzen
Mary Rogers
Arielle Gordon
Jeryn Carlisi
Indah Permata Sari
Melanie Call
Jen Papadimitriou
Erin Taylor
Kelly Mobley
Kim Hammond
Wendy Bretz

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11 Responses to Pixels and Company iNSD Creative Team Bloghop

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  2. Andrea says:

    Emilie Emilie Stevenson link is not working, it says ” Nothing Found
    Apologies, but no results were found for the requested archive. Perhaps searching will help find a related post.”

    There is no post is this blog, can not pick the correct letter :-((((

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  7. meterr says:

    I could not find the letter or blog post pertaining to the hop on the 21st participant. I’m going to guess at the letter though.

  8. eve says:

    thank you for the letter!

  9. Petra Webb (Dutch_Diva) says:

    Thank you for your part of the huge pack of journal cards – they are gorgeous!

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